A Froize-Forage

with Vivia Bamford
Lost cheeses of suffolk workshop


Friday 15th September 2017


10.00am – 2.00pm


£25.00 per person (includes lunch)

Book early!

Call David on 01394 450282

Workshop description:

‘A Froize-Forage’

This is a ‘stomp’ around the immediate country surrounding Froize, so appropriate clothing will be needed!

But think of the word ‘stroll’ rather than ‘hike’…This is a journey into the ‘foragable’ delights that we can find in the hedgerows, woodlands and corners of our country side and their history and folklore.

Lunch will be a splendid affair, championing delicious things ‘foraged’ from the wild or ‘picked’ from our own garden.

£25.00 pounds gets you a much sort after ticket for one of the best September days you can have – Book early!

Vivia Bamford

Meet the Wizard:

Vivia Bamford

Our Forage-Wiz’ – Top walker, talker and explainer