Wild About Froize - Getting ready for winter

with Jason Alexander
Lost cheeses of suffolk workshop


Friday 17th November 2017




£25.00 per person 

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Workshop description:

‘Wild About Froize – Getting ready for winter’


The third ‘Talking Supper’ with Jason where he will reveal all the stories that Autumnal ‘Wild about Froize’ has had to offer… plus a host of brilliant suggestions and ideas on just how much you can do to help all the wildlife in your garden, from Hedgehog to Blue-tit… in their efforts to survive the rigors and extremes of the winter months to come.

A warming, seasonal 3 course Froize feast will, of course, make the evening complete.

£25.00 and a ticket is yours!

Jason Alexander

Meet the Wizard:

Jason Alexander

Our Wild-Wiz’ – Extraordinary Gadgets!