Wild About Froize - Summer Reflections

with jason alexander
Lost cheeses of suffolk workshop


Friday 8th September 2017




£25.00 per person (includes lunch)

Book early!

Call David on 01394 450282

Workshop description:

‘Wild About Froize – Summer Reflections’

The second of our seasonal ‘Talking-Suppers’ where Jason will look back with words, pictures and props on the various ‘Wild about Froize’ summer stories….some joyous – others, maybe tragic…but that’s nature for you…and it’s all happening right under our noses!

With summer all but over, and autumn with all her glory, just around the corner. Jason will also be giving you lots of hints and tips as to what you can do now to enhance your own enjoyment of the wildlife that lives all around you.

A glorious three-course supper of Froize delights is included in your £25.00 ticket price … Book Now!

Vivia Bamford

Meet the Wizard:

Jason Alexander

Our Wild-Wiz’ – Our resident Wildlife Gadget Man