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Places are limited on each workshop, so ensure you book your ticket early to avoid disapointment.

wild about froize

Friday 8th Sept – 7:30pm

Wild About Froize Summer Reflections

The second of our seasonal ‘Talking-Suppers’ where Jason will look back with words, pictures and props on the various ‘Wild about Froize’ summer stories….some joyous – others, maybe tragic…but that’s nature for you…and it’s all happening right under our noses!

a froize forage

Friday 15th Sept – 10.00am

A Froize Forage

This is a ‘stomp’ around the immediate country surrounding Froize, so appropriate clothing will be needed! But think of the word ‘stroll’ rather than ‘hike’…This is a journey into the ‘foragable’ delights that we can find in the hedgerows, woodlands and corners of our country side and their history and folklore.

cheese event

Friday 13th Oct – 7:30pm

The Milky Way and how to capture it on your own camera

The natural wonder that is The Milky Way is at its viewing best this time of the year, so come and look, listen and take part in an evening with David, probing into the splendour of the galaxy.

wild about froize

Friday 17th Nov – 7:30pm

Wild About Froize Getting ready for winter

The third ‘Talking Supper’ with Jason where he will reveal all the stories that Autumnal ‘Wild about Froize’ has had to offer…plus a host of brilliant suggestions and ideas on just how much you can do to help all the wildlife in your garden.


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