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Places are limited on each workshop, so ensure you book your ticket early to avoid disapointment.

wild about froize

Wed 17th April – 8:30am

Froize Uncovered Goes Birding!

Join two of Suffolk’s top birdwatching guides, Steve Piotrowski and John Grant, for a local walk around truly magnificent wildlife habitats. Will include a short drive to nearby heathland and estuaries to spot some of Suffolk’s specialities. Finishing at 1pm with a delicious lunch at the Froize.

wild about froize

Friday 17th Nov – 7:30pm

Wild About Froize Getting ready for winter

The third ‘Talking Supper’ with Jason where he will reveal all the stories that Autumnal ‘Wild about Froize’ has had to offer…plus a host of brilliant suggestions and ideas on just how much you can do to help all the wildlife in your garden.


Wizard (Wiz’)

Another word for something or someone who is: awesome, cool, alright, superific, fantabulous, totally frickin’ amazing … or any other positive word you can think of …

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